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GRAV® Silicone Capped Glass Crutch

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Product Description

Silicone Capped Glass Crutch by @gravlabs

The GRAV® Crutch is a masterpiece of collaboration. You roll a joint or blunt, and we cap it with a conical glass crutch and silicone mouthpiece. The glass is heat resistant, and the silicone has an ash-catching restriction. The two pieces come apart for easy cleaning. This one is teal to remind your spliff of the Caribbean. This pack includes 10 crutches.

Designed by: Stephan Peirce
Length height: 1.5"
Made by: Stephan Peirce
Pack of: 10
Use with: Flower

Colors are assorted - no guarantee to picture. If you have a color preference, please email before you place your order or we will choose based upon availability for you. :)


Must be 21+ to Purchase.

Sku: 18570
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